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Sentinel System Driver v5.41.1 non-MSI


Sentinel System Driver v5.41.1 non-MSI 


This is the previous version of the system driver. It can still be used for standalone applications (It doesn't install the SuperProServer), for those looking for a smaller version of the driver with less overhead. The main difference from the Protection Installer is that this does not support UltraPro keys.

The non-MSI version represents a good solution for those looking for a small file to distribute with their installation program. It can be called from the command line with various options to customize the installation.

This version can also be used as a separate driver installation for end users and others in need of a driver for a Sentinel Hardware Key.


OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP
Readme: Download documentation
Version: 5.41.1
File Size: 198 kB


Click here to download

NOTE: Always install the Sentinel System Driver before attaching the hardware key. If you plug in the key before installing the driver and experience problems, please remove the key, run SSDCleanup and reinstall the driver.


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